What are the ways an Indian student can get scholarship to study in abroad?

Indian students get scholarship to study abroad

International Scholarships for Indian Students

To avail a scholarship in student life is a great part and too getting from Foreign country is a big achievement. Depending on the university and course scholarships differ, they will check the criteria of students and provide them the scholarship. Most scholarship programmes are mainly for Master and PhD some of the university offers for undergraduate also.

Scholarships we have availed from any university or any institution need not to be repaid. Students are provided with this type of scholarship to achieve their goal in education and also in their upcoming future. Scholarship amount varies from institution to institution.

Types of Abroad Scholarships : 

Merit Based : This scholarship is availed based on the academic scores they obtained in the qualifying exams. And also they will take any other certification, student extra curricular activities.

Student Specific : Student specific scholarships are available to students based on some qualities like Gender, Race, Religion, Family background, Ethnicity and Medical certification. Depending on the above factors students will be eligible to get this scholarship to pursue their studies.

Need Based : This kind of scholarship is granted by verifying their Family Financial background or any other assets and also the income of the family. Need based scholarship will be eligible only if the students financial situation is poor.

Destination-specific : Depending on the university or government or Public authority this scholarship is provided to the students. It varies from country to country.

Sports-based: Sports based scholarships are offered to the best sportspersons in their past career. They have to continue with the training and participating in various competitions by representing their universities.  

List of foreign scholarship offered :

Scholarships are offered depending on the country. Below are the list of scholarships offered by some of the countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia.

Tata Scholarship- Cornell University, USA: 

In collaboration with the Cornell university TATA Education and Development Trust are providing scholarships to Indian students for 20 members. The eligibility to obtain this scholarship is students should be citizens of India and he has to pursue his studies in India and they are admitted in Cornell university to eligible for need based scholarship. The trustee of Cornell is Ratan tata.

Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships- USA :

This scholarship is offered by USIEF(United States-India Educational Foundation) to the Indian for pursuing their master degree in the field of business, arts, law, Public health, Arts and Culture. The students who have completed 4years of education and should have minimum 3years of work experience. The selection will be based on their some skills of the students like communication, leadership, service to community. It covers the tuition fee, living expenses and also Flight charges.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship- UK :

Based on the educational marks obtained in certain fields this scholarship can be availed. The eligibility are Indian students with 60% in English or at least 65% in Science, Engineering, Technology etc.. Expenses covered under this scholarship are tuition fee, living expenses and also Airfare charges.

Chevening Scholarships- UK :

Only the Outstanding Indian students can be eligible to study a 1year PG program at any UK university in any subject. The students who are having a Graduate or Postgraduate degree can apply to this scholarship to do their master degree. If he/she has a 2years of work experience will be an added advantage. The expenses they cover will be Living, Tuition, to and fro travel cost and other allowance.  

Felix Scholarships- UK :

This scholarship is introduced for the most deserving students from India who are willing to pursue Post graduate degree in the UK. The students should have a First class Bachelor degree with an age limit of maximum 30years.Under this scholarship, a maximum of £71,700 shall be awarded. 

UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award- British Columbia University, Canada :

This scholarship can be granted to students who are applying for UG program in Canada, to get eligible for this students have to meet the requirements and English Proficiency and have the documents of need based. Living, Tuition and some financial expense will be provided for this scholarship.

Australia Awards Scholarship :

The students who have completed their Graduate or PG from some of the specific Indian institutions can be eligible for this scholarship. They covered the expenses of Tuition, Living ,airfare and some other expenses.

Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships- the USA, UK and Europe :

It is a big opportunity for students to study in any university to elaborate their circle and to improve their skills. They provide two scholarship University courses and Short term program. To get eligible for this scholarship Indian Citizen should have First class degree from recognized university. The candidates should be below 30years of age and have at least 2years of work experience.

Melbourne – India PG Scholarship – Australia :

The selection process for this scholarship is based on the academic standards. The University of Melbourne provides PG scholarship to Indian students who are willing to pursue their studies at their university. The scholarship can be availed by both graduate and undergraduate in science, commerce, arts.

Australian Embassy Fully Funded Scholarships :

This embassy provides scholarship to students who have scored at least 50% in their qualifying degree courses. The candidates can apply for UG, Masters, PhD and MBA courses in some universities in Australia using this scholarship. This scholarship covers expenses of tuition fees, travel allowance, health insurance and family expenses for married students.

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