Is an IELTS necessary to study in Germany?

Admission in Germany without IELTS

IELTS is not necessary to study in Germany, some of the universities in Germany are now accepting international students without IELTS also.. There will be some process for getting admission without undergoing any English exam. To study without IELTS students should have completed an Undergraduate degree in English. Or else if the student native language is English or any other Medium of Instruction Certificate (MOI) in English will be considered as a proof for English Proficiency.

Some universities in Germany accept if your last Medium of instruction is English they will accept it as a proof for higher studies.

Here is the list of documents required for studying without IELTS:

1.A medium of instruction certificate from previous college or school.
2.Educational details.
3. As per the course has to submit the documents.

Here are some universities which provide admission without IELTS:

1.Ruhr University Bochum
2.Freiburg University
3. University of Bayreuth
4. University of Bonn
5. Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
6. University of Koblenz Landau
7. Hochschule Esslingen University
8.HCI Siegen

There are two types of programs in Germany for international students without IELTS. Based on the medium of instruction the courses in the university has been divided:

1.English Program
2.German Program

English Program :

International students who don’t know the language of Germany can apply for the course that is taught in English. In most of the universities large numbers of courses are offered in English for students. Students from English speaking countries can directly take up these courses if they are not opt for any English Proficiency test. If the students is not from a English speaking country then they should have to take up their English exam and provide the certificate for admission.

German Program :

For German programs international students have to speak fluently in German language. Students have to be sure about the language before taking up the admission process. German language will differ from institute to institute. There are some certification grade tests depending on that they will be admitting the students. The grade range will be from Level B1 to C1.

There are some CEFR level for German Language :

Level A1 & A2 – Beginner or Basic user .
Level B1 & B2 – Average or Independent user.
Level C1& C2 – Above average or Expert or Proficient user.

There are some process to study without IELTS :

Certification :
It’s nothing but the Medium of instruction (MOI) certificate provided by your previous institution explaining that you have completed your studies in English. This certificate is accepted by most of the university for admission without IELTS marks.

Letter from German university :
A confirmation letter has to be provided by the German university that the MOI certificate is accepted and no need to provide an IELTS certificate. This letter is mainly for Visa processing and also for the Immigration process.

German Language :
If you have a certification of German language with a Level of B2 will be an added advantage you can study the course with this language. Some universities will require IELTS in that case you are admitted into English program using this German certification.

By providing all the required documents you can opt for Visa processing and study in Germany and achieve your dream without IELTS.

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