What documents are required for student visa?

Visa Processing

Documents, fees, and other details for a student visa

Visa : 

          Visa is a travel document to migrate from one country to another. Visa is usually stamped on the passport by the bearer for allowing the person to enter the country for study or some other purpose. The visa is of multiple types. The person going on a vacation will get a tourist visa for a certain period and the person who is willing to pursue the studies will get a student visa based on the duration of the course. Now we are going to deal only with a student visa.

New Zealand Student Visa details :

          Getting a student visa in Newzealand is not so easy, we should have clear ideas of what type of visa we are going to apply for, required documents before applying, and have enough money for expenses. In New Zealand, if the duration, of course, is three months we can study by applying for a tourist visa and we can also do our course if we have a work visa but the duration should be less than 3 months. You don’t need a student visa if you are a citizen of New Zealand or Australia, a resident of New Zealand.

Types of student visa :

There are three types of visa:

                    1.Fee paying student visa

                    2.Pathway student visa

                    3.Dependent child student visa 

Fee-paying student visa: Students who are going to pursue a full-time course in New Zealand with a duration of 4years, work part-time for 20 hours, and have to live by themselves.

Pathway student visa: Duration of visa is 5 years, in this visa students can study two or more courses one after the other and also work part-time.

Dependent child visa: This visa is applicable for the dependent to pursue in New Zealand in any primary or secondary school if he/she has people in New Zealand who is pursuing his studies or working in New Zealand. 

Fee-paying student visa : 

Application process : 

          1. Online process: If you are going to apply online you need to set up the New Zealand Government RealMe account and apply online with the required documents. Offline also has to send the passport in the mail.

          2. Offline process: To apply offline, you have to download the application online and fill all the required fields and be sure where to submit all the documents.      

Documents for fee-paying student visa checklist : 

  1. Valid passport with an expiry date more than three months beyond the duration of stay.
  2. An offer from the institution or university for the proof of study in New Zealand.
  3. Proof of funds for pursuing study in New Zealand and living expenses to live in New Zealand for the duration of stay. These funds have to be maintained in the account for a certain period.
  4. Proof of a return ticket from there or enough funds to buy a ticket.
  5. Medical certificate from recognized doctor and police certificate from the nearby passport office.
  6. Two passport size photographs.
  7. Have to produce health and travel insurance receipts.
  8. Receipt of New Zealand student visa fees. The fees will be around $57.
  9. Additional documents need to be carried out while interviews like academic certificates scorecards from IELTS, TOEFL, letter of financial situation.
  10. Have to provide SOP(statement of purpose) the purpose of visit and reasons for staying and LOR(letter of recommendation) has to get this letter from the institution for the proof of the English language.

Student visa validity and PSW(post-study work) visa :

          The student visa will be valid for the duration of the course offered, if you like to work over there before the student visa expires have to get a job and apply for a PSW visa. New Zealand has a large number of job opportunities. In Auckland, Marlborough, or West coast places have job openings in healthcare, engineering, media, and many more.

          The post-study work visa in New Zealand is for a period of three years..Depending on the course and duration it may vary from 1,2 or to 3 years. After getting a PSW visa we can opt for a Work visa and by getting a work visa we have an opportunity to give education to our child for free.

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