The admission requirements for both the bachelor’s and master’s degree vary from Institution to Institution. International entrance requirements for admission mainly see:

• Details of your qualification that you have already taken/ are taking.

• Grades/Points you’re achieved in the qualification.

• Your area of interested for applying admission.

• English Language Proficiency.

1. IELTS – normally minimum 6.0 Overall bands without less than 5.5 bands in each band (or) 6.5 Overall bands without less than 5.5 bands in each band.

2. Or – equivalent score in TOEFL, PTE and soon.

• For MBA programs, you need to have a good score in GMAT, IELTS 7.5 bands, and relevant work experience.


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Major Courses

USA offers amazing opportunities to study a subject that fascinates you.


Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering,


Business Administration, Business Studies, Business Management, Marketing, International Business


Multimedia design Digital Media Visual Communication,Animation and Multimedia

Health Care

Health Care Management, Social Care Management

Art and Design

Architectural design Art Therapy, Arts History Interior Design, Textile Design


Law & Legal Studies, Civil Law Criminal Law, Political Law Management Law


Emergency Nursing, Genetics Nursing, Geriatric Nursing, Health visiting Occupational Health Nursing,Public health Nursing and more

Natural Science

Ecology, Environmental Science Human Biology, Evolution and Ecology Sustainability Strategies

The United States of America is one of the developed countries among the other countries in the world. It has the world's largest national economy. Studying or learning degree from USA University gives you the broad and excellent academic experience which is necessary to compete in the Global economy. American education is perhaps its worldwide reputation for commitment to excellence and a wide selection of learning opportunities which you have choices in the degree course you study and research with a brilliant scope. The US education system offers a variety of subjects to study, research, which enables you to choose the subject from a variety of topics. The USA education system provides the high qualified and world class.
USA Universities/Colleges education may differ from those in your home country. USA degree and qualifications are worldwide recognized. The education system in the USA is in three stages Compulsory education, higher education, and Continuing education - under separate public and private education. Bachelor’s degree: In the USA, the degrees is awarded Latin honors usually "honor/praise", "great honor/praise", "highest honor/praise" and "maxima honor/praise"; and without honors are awarded "rite". The degree honors are awarded depending on the Grade Point Averages (GPA). In the USA the bachelor degree courses are of 4 years, although some courses are of 5 years. For international students who want to do their Bachelor's degree in the USA, need to write standardized test SAT exam. Master’s degree: In the USA, the Master's degree courses are of 2 years, which refers to MA, MS, Doctorate or Ph.D. degrees. Studying Master's degree in the USA will relate and stimulate you, will change your lifestyle with more confident, more knowledge, enhance your cultural and artistic features; enrich your life both personally and academically with the professional, critical, flexible quality of study in both academics and independent research works.
The cost of the education in the USA depends on the public and private educational institutions. Tuition fee varies widely from Institution to institutions depending on the course you apply. Most universities are also offering financial aid services, scholarships, loans for international students to cover their living expenses and tuition fees if you prove your excellence in the academic semesters
We, Destiny Overseas, providing the necessary services for all the students from India to get admit from the Universities/Colleges to acquire their higher education. We provide you the shortlist of Universities as per your specialization of interest and qualification who already acquired. Our admission team and counselors will assist you with all necessary actions for getting the admission from Universities/Colleges. Our VISA guidance team will assist you and guide you with all necessary action for applying for VISA documentation, visa preparation, visa slot booking and dropping your visa application.


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